• Sandra

Advent Season Challenge, round 2

Some of you might have heard of the first round of our funny challenge #myrealhomeoffice. For those who haven't, it is about sharing the challenges we have had over the past months working mostly from home. The pictures shared show kids, chaos or loneliness. There is some more to share so why don't we just start the second round of the #myrealhomeoffice challenge? This way you get a chance to win a free online coaching with me!

What is the challenge about this week?

One of the biggest challenge is to cope with lonelisness. Not only my coachees but also my colleagues, friends and family have had a hard time learning how to live and work with less actual contact. Specially in December where a lot of festivities are usually going on - having a hot wine on Christmas markets, diners, lunch or tea time with family and friends, Christmas parties and more - how can we get through this?

How does the #myrealhomeoffice challenge work this week?

  1. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook: @sandramorelcoaching

  2. Mention/Tag 2 (current or former) colleagues you'd like to meet

  3. Write what you would like to do with them. I'm sure you all have plenty of ideas! And even if it is just get a coffee break in the company kitchen, so be it!

You only have time on Sunday and Monday each week to participate.

Each week there will be a drawing and a winner.

Remaining opportunities to win:

Week 2 : Challenge on December 6th and 7th 2020.

Week 3 : Challenge on December 13th and 14th 2020.

Week 4 : Challenge on December 20th and 21st 2020.

The name of the weekly winner will be communicated on the following Friday.