• Sandra

Advent Season Challenge, last round

The Advent time is coming to an end, Christmas is just around the corner and this is how we are about to start the fourth and findal round of our #myrealhomeoffice challenge. After sharing pictures showing the working conditions in home office, what we would like to do in the Advent time or the music that motivates us, it is time to switch to a Christmas mode. And for me, Christmas means spending time with my family, listenning to or watching the classics of this festive season and of course offering beautiful presents. So let's stick to the subject of gifts and see what's in for you this weekend!

What is this week's challenge about?

By participating in this week's challenge you get a chance to win an online coaching session for yourself and have a person you care about win one as well.

It is pretty simple: 1 Coaching for you = 1 Coaching for one person of your choice!

How does the #myrealhomeoffice challenge work this week?

  • Follow me on Instagram or Facebook : @sandramorelcoaching,

  • Mention a person you care about and whom you would like to offer a coaching session to.

The last round of this challenge takes place on Sunday, December 20th and Monday, December 21st, 2020. This time we will draw the winner the following Tuesday.

Only those who did not win in the previous weeks will be part of the draw.